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Star-Register is a central list of all Star Names that have been registered by partners across the globe.

Note: Make sure to name a star with one of our partners in order to use our software & app

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Star Finder App

Find your registered star in the night sky in augmented reality with our App

Use the Star Finder App to always know where your star is at any given time and location.

Simply enter your Star Registration number and you will know where you have to look at right now and in the future!

Learn where your star is located, which are its neighbor stars and constellations.

Note: Make sure to name a star with or another partner in order to use our Software

What we do

Our main job is to register and manage star namings registered around the world. We also use regular, anonymous test orders to continuously ensure that our partners meet our high standards for document quality, quick delivery and customer care.


Registrations are completed within 24 hours after your order.


We only work with partners you
can rely on.


Only you can access your registration.

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